Salem Republican Town Committee
Welcome                                   *(see notes on political signs at bottom)

The Salem Republican Town Committee is committed to improving the lives of the citizens of Salem, New Hampshire by bringing common-sense  government to the town and state.

Through outreach and advocacy, we can make a difference.  We want to encourage and support candidates that have a conservative vision for governing  and help them get elected.

Our next meetings will be at the new office at 356 S. Broadway (Rt. 28)

Thursday, August 7, 2014 and
Thursday Sept. 4, 2014
at 7:00 P.m.

  Gene Bryant 
Vice-Chairman:  Gene Bryant
   Treasurer:  Ed Lewis



"That government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves."
Thomas Jefferson



        Interim-Chairman:               Gene Bryant

        Interim-Chairman:             Biz Corrow

          Chairman:                Jennifer Horn


Quick Notes to Candidates and the Public about Political Signs in Salem, NH:

Do not put Signs on sides of streets in front of (or on) Salem Town property (i.e. High School, Town Hall, Library, Woodbury School, elementary schools, etc.)

Do not place Signs on traffic islands or traffic signposts or obstruct traffic signs, signals, sight-lines, or otherwise compromise traffic or pedestrian safety.

Do not place signs within 10 feet of Veterans Markers.

Town personnel may remove improperly placed signs and place them on the ground in the field near the Transfer Station for your retrieval.  They may be discarded by the Town one week after the elections.

Do not move or disturb political signs without owner permission unless the signs are on your property.

Political signs may be placed within state-owned rights-of-way as long as the sign does not obstruct the safe flow of traffic and the signs are placed with the consent of the owner of the land over which the right-of-way passes. 

There are many other regulations - do some research!    See NH RSA 664:17.    Also see:

                                   GOOD LUCK IN YOUR CAMPAIGN!!!
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